Photo by Diana Sabreen

Photography as a tool for

social change and empowerment. 


Our Mission

Since 2006, we've been teaching photography in marginalized communities as a tool for communication, and an therefore an alternative to violence. 

Founded and run by professional photographer Diana Sabreen, Shoot Cameras Not Guns has held programs in the USA, Myanmar, Thailand and Kenya. 

We work with students of all ages, including both adults and children

What We've Achieved

  • Photography training for media specialists and human rights activists in Yangon, Myanmar.
  • Training for Burmese journalists and journalists-in-exile in Thailand.
  • Human rights documentation trainings in Thailand.
  • Workshops for children of migrant workers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Trainings for teachers and students in partnership with Technology Partnership in Meru, Kenya.
  • Workshops with high-risk youth in schools and residential treatment facilities in Denver, Colorado, USA.
  • International photography exhibits.